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August 14, 2018
Call for Papers
Computer Applications
Artificial Intelligence
Automated Software Engineering
Computational Intelligence
Computer Animation
Computer Architecture & VLSI
Computer Games
Computer Graphics & Virtual Reality
Computer Graphics and Multimedia
Computer Modeling
Computer Networks
Computer Security
Computing Practices & Applications
Control Systems
Data Communications
System Security
Data Compression
Data Encryption
Database Systems
Digital Signal and Image Processing
Digital System and Logic Design
E-commerce and E-governance
High Performance Computing
Human Computer Interaction
Internet and Web Applications
Knowledge Data Engineering
Mobile Computing
Multimedia Applications
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Programming Languages
Reconfigurable Computing Systems
Robotics and Automation
Computer Networks and Data Communication
Theoretical Computer Science
Ubiquitous Computing
Wireless Sensor Networks
Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing

Networks and Communications 
Communication Network Architectures and Design
Communication Network Protocols
Discrete Algorithms and Discrete Modeling
Emerging technologies for next generation network
Future Internet architecture, protocols and services
Middleware support for networking
Mobile and wireless Networks
Multimedia protocols
Network Operation and Management
Network Security and Privacy
Network Services and Applications
Optical networks
Quality of service
RFID networks and protocols
Self-organizing networks
Sensor networks and embedded systems
Social computing and networks
Ubiquitous networks, Data center & cloud Computing
Vehicular networks

Optical Communications and Networking 
Design and Management of Optical Networks 
Optical Networks Performance Modeling 
Optical Networks Control and Management 
Optical Modulation and Signal Processing 
Reliable Optical Networks 
Generalized Multiprotocol Label Switching (GMPLS) 
New Architectures for Optical Routers and Switches 
New Optical Fiber Technologies 
Lasers and Photonic Components 
High Speed optical LANs and Gigabit Ethernet 
Optical Networks for Future Networks 
Energy Efficiency in Optical Networks 
Convergence of Optical and other Network Technologies 
Optical Networks to Support Cloud Computing 
Free Space and Fiber-Optic Communications

Computer Network
Wireless Network
Mobile Network
Ad-hoc Network
Sensor Network
Multimedia Network
Internet of Things
Information Theory and Coding
Network Security
Optical Network

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